Waterbury, Vermont – November 8, 2021 – In preparation for the rollout of its innovative mobile power fleet, Nomad Transportable Power Systems (Nomad) has added Chris McKay, formerly Director of Battery Energy Storage Systems with WEG Electric Corp, to its team.

Nomad, founded by Northern Reliability and KORE Power in 2019, allows a semi-trailer bed to deliver up to 2 MWh of battery storage capacity with plug-and-play connectivity. Nomad has developed three classes of transportable power systems – 2.0 MWh, 1.3 MWh, and 660 kWh – each containing the proprietary Nomad Power Dock system for seamless interconnection for both grid and commercial applications. Nomad systems deliver energy solutions for every market.

Chris McKay has built a career delivering clean energy solutions. He has experience with community wind projects for Northern Power Systems, and more recently, he worked delivering battery systems with WEG,” said Jay Bellows, Nomad’s President and CEO. “As we look towards deployment of the Nomad system, Chris’ experience will be indispensable.”

McKay said the flexibility offered by Nomad would expand opportunities for customers to take advantage of renewable energy and increase resilience while reducing the cost of entry.

“Flexibility is the key,” he said, “industrial clients want to take advantage of off-peak power prices, critical service providers need redundancies to keep power flowing, and emergency response needs reliable power for day-to-day operations. Nomad delivers energy storage solutions that meet today’s critical needs.”

About NOMAD Transportable Power Systems

Headquartered with NRI in picturesque Waterbury, Vermont, Nomad Transportable Power Systems (NOMAD) is the first utility scale mobile energy storage platform designed for widescale adoption due to its patent-pending and standardized fleet and interconnection designs. NOMAD delivers the benefits of energy storage technology to its clients in a rapidly deployed and extremely cost-effective fashion and eliminates for end-users the typical burdens associated with frequently used fixed site solutions.

For more information, visit www.nomadpower.com, 1-802-496-2377

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