Reimagining Clean Energy

Take Charge of your energy situation

Nomad allows you to take control. Our high-quality energy storage systems alleviate the burden on long-term ownership for our customers while continuing to capture the short term benefits of our mobile system.


Nomad Transportable Power Systems was founded by KORE Power  known for their disruptive innovation and desire to impact clean energy. The idea was formed early in 2015 when a necessity was recognized to deliver energy based on the customers’ needs with a lower cost of entry. Starting in early 2019, KORE established a working partnership for standard ESS systems that are 100% U.S. manufactured, designed, and operated. As a result, the mobile revolution was born.

What Drives Us

The transition to clean energy is simple. It comes down to providing customers with the solutions they need to get the job done. We believe it is crucial to not box ourselves into a “one-size-fits-all” method and approach to supplying clean energy solutions. Our customers deserve the ability to apply energy solutions to any project imaginable.

Industry Experience

The Nomad team encompasses over 50 years of collective operating experience in clean energy.

Good Energy from the Top Down

Chris McKay

General Manager

Mr. McKay has over 25 years of experience with distributed generation, renewables, and energy storage. His expertise includes product development, product management, and new business development. Mr. McKay has managed fleets of systems with hundreds of generation assets connected to utility distribution networks around the world. He has developed and executed contracts directly with utilities, investors, and commercial/industrial users. His ability to manage growth while meeting customer needs will help Nomad Transportable Power Systems expand rapidly while maintaining quality and performance.

Gregg Noble


Mr. Noble has over 15 years of experience in managing and deploying large scale power projects across the United States. He is well-versed in sales and development of the utility space with an in-depth understanding of industry development and growth. Mr. Noble has cultivated numerous client relationships by managing internal and external sales activities, including manufacturing representatives and distributor channels. His economic development expertise, sales cycles, and successful revenue generation will help Nomad Transportable Power Systems capture a large market share.


Jay Bellows


Mr. Bellows has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of leadership experience driving sales growth in the technology and energy sector. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in areas of power, systems integration, telecom, data centers, software, networking, and project management. Mr. Bellows has grown Northern Reliability, a provider of customized power and energy storage solutions, to be one of the industry’s most respected energy storage integrators and is now leading his talented team at NRI to deliver the next generation of innovative energy storage solutions through Nomad transportable Power Systems.

Lindsay Gorrill


Mr. Gorrill has 30 years of experience developing companies worldwide, with expertise in bringing companies from conception to market. He has experience in every aspect of the renewable energy industry, from the mining of critical minerals to lithium-ion cell production. Mr. Gorrill has built the world’s leading battery cell production company, KORE Power, that meets the growing demand for reliable, high-quality American lithium-ion cell products. His ambition for developing global brands and products will be a strong catalyst in bringing Nomad Transportable Power System to the market.

Paul Coombs


Mr. Coombs has over 20 years of experience in accounting and finance with expertise in global finance, administration, and supply chain management systems. Mr. Coombs is well versed in debt and equity fundraising both for public and private entities. He has coordinated stakeholder relationships, acquisition, and privatization of publicly traded companies to private entities. Mr. Coombs has played a key role in the financial growth and health of KORE Power and will bring that expertise into the development and growth of Nomad Transportable Power Systems.

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