Mobilizing The Energy Storage Landscape

May 26, 2021

Back in 2014, when we started to deploy grid-tied, capital-heavy systems all over the globe, we quickly realized that these systems were being used for a short time, essentially a few months out of the year then shut down or “hibernated” until they were needed again.  Additionally, many of our customers wanted to fully deploy or transition to clean energy but were constrained by high costs, permitting and upkeep issues, or just lack of interest or know-how of owning a fixed ESS system.  I knew that if we could find a way for our customers to share in the cost of storage assets, and make it easier to operate, monitor and maintain those assets, then storage could be used everywhere at an affordable price.  In other words, we were uncovering a way to make energy storage work for everyone. The more I got into it, the more I thought that all these problems could be solved if we could simply lease and move the storage assets. Why couldn’t we mobilize?

Since Northern Reliability has already earned the reputation for building systems no one else could, in areas of the world that are practically unlivable, it’s certainly something that we could build.  An idea was created that would change the way the industry thinks about stationary storage. The next step was finding a battery partner that would allow us to mobilize systems.  We found KORE, shared the idea and excitement, and Nomad Transportable Power Systems was born.

Mobile energy storage is quite revolutionary in its ability to make energy accessible to anyone who wants a place in the space. The key is in the deployment of our docking stations that are catalysts for our leasing options.  There are several options with these stations, including mobility in and of themselves.  The possibilities are really limitless.

Jay Bellows