NOMAD Joins Team Selected by U.S. Department of Defense to Research Microgrid Energy Solutions for National Guard Facilities

February 7, 2023

Study aims to demonstrate that clean energytech increases resilience and lowers costs

Waterbury, VT - Nomad Transportable Power Systems’ innovative mobile storage solutions will be part of an EPRI study to determine how microgrids and clean energy technologies can benefit National Guard sites by offering energy resilience, cost savings, emissions reductions, and reliability during times of emergencies. EPRI is an independent, non-profit energy research and development institute.

“When we set out to design NOMAD, one of our first goals was to create a product that would deliver unrivaled emergency response capabilities,” said NOMAD Director Jay Bellows. “This project is an extension of that work and will bring NOMAD together with other innovative energy technologies to provide energy security and savings to National Guard sites.”

The U.S. Department of Defense’s (DOD) 2022 Environmental Security Technology Certification Program selected the EPRI project team, which also includes Blue Frontier, ClearFlame Engine Technologies, and Helia, to deploy integrated microgrid systems at three National Guard sites in Delaware, Mississippi, and Texas. The effort comes in response to high energy infrastructure costs at National Guard sites across the U.S. The DOD is seeking a solution that guarantees up to 1 MW of peak power with a 14-day resiliency goal.

The EPRI research team will explore how advances in electricity, heating and cooling, and energy management can offer solutions for the National Guard.

Haresh Kamath, director of energy storage and distributed energy at EPRI, explained that retrofitting existing air conditioning and diesel generator technology, integrating mobile energy storage, coordinating electrical and cooling demand, decentralizing controls, and modernizing operations and maintenance can bring a full suite of benefits to the sites.

“EPRI has been working to improve reliability and resilience for decades,” he said. “Through collaboration with this team, we hope to help deliver increased reliability, reduced emissions, and lowered costs for the National Guard.”

The study uses proprietary planning tools such as EPRI’s Distribution Energy Resources Value Estimate Tool (DERVET™) to find the optimal microgrid design to meet the specific needs of each National Guard site.

ClearFlame Engine Technologies CTO and Co-founder Julie Blumreiter said the study can showcase liquid biofuels' role in providing a pathway for decarbonizing heavy-duty applications. “Our technology unlocks heavy-duty diesel engines and generators to operate using a range of renewable liquid fuels in place of diesel without compromising durability or performance — an example of how ClearFlame Engine Technologies can serve as an affordable, complementary solution to emissions reduction and energy resilience.”

At the building level, the project will demonstrate cost-savings achievable through the stacking of operations. Jorge Elizondo, CEO and Co-Founder at Heila Technologies explained, “The Heila  EDGE® is a decentralized and modular platform that makes it easy to connect, coordinate, and optimize solar PV arrays, batteries and other distributed energy resources (DERs). Using emergent intelligence to link and coordinate components, the Heila EDGE creates a self-organizing network that significantly minimizes the system's complexity and costs.”

At the network level, NOMAD’s mobile lithium-ion storage systems will enable National Guard sites to better meet their power needs with right sized, mobile battery storage systems that feature stationary docking systems and grid integration equipment.

“NOMAD’s battery storage solutions are plug-and-play, designed to be used with systems like those being deployed by the other members of the team,” Bellows said. “Our commitment is to deliver units assembled here in the United States to bring reliability and on-demand power to the National Guard.”

About Nomad Transportable Power Systems, Inc.

Nomad Transportable Power Systems, Inc. (“NOMAD”), is a Delaware-based company formed by KORE Power in 2020 to provide the energy industry with a standardized mobile energy storage platform. NOMAD is the first entrant into the mobile lithium-ion energy storage space and combines its patent-pending, over-the-road storage units with a standardized docking platform capable of interconnection with any distribution or transmission utility. The NOMAD system was designed from the onset to provide its customers all the benefits of fixed site energy storage, while eliminating both the capital commitments and long-term obligations that traditional energy storage requires.