Nomad Transportable Power Systems First with Utility-Scale MobileBattery Storage Solution, Sells U.S.-built NOMAD Traveler to Green MountainPower

November 3, 2022

Nomad Transportable Power Systems First with Utility-Scale Mobile Battery Storage Solution, Sells U.S.-built NOMAD Traveler to Green Mountain Power

Company working with Vermont-based GMP on additional units. 2 MWh energy storage system can be delivered where needed, offering unrivaled grid-support flexibility, disaster response, and energy storage benefits to GMP Customers 

Waterbury,Vt.– Nomad Transportable Power Systems(“NOMAD”), a company founded by U.S.-based battery manufacturer KOREPower, has sold the industry’s first mobile energy storage unit to GreenMountain Power (GMP) in Vermont. The sale makes NOMAD first-to-market with a utility-scale transportable power solution, which was designed and built inVermont and will deliver benefits for GMP customers.  

NOMAD’s power systems can do everything fixed energy storage can do – like boosting reliability and making renewable energy dispatchable – while also providing mobility. They meet any application or project’s energy needs by bringing power where and when it’s needed most. Then, unlike a fixed storage asset, NOMAD’s systems can be re-deployed to meet another needs. NOMAD’s systems bring tremendous value to disaster recovery, on-demand grid support, and off-grid power applications.  

Mari McClure, president and CEO of Green Mountain Power, said the Traveler offers a variety of applications and provides another important innovation to join GMP’s fleet of storage, increasing resilience and reliability, while lowering costs for customers.

“Green Mountain Power is bringing technologies to all of our customers that cut carbon and costs, and keep Vermonters powered up,” McClure said. “Mobile storage paired with our generation will allow us to power our NOMAD – which packs 2.0MWh of capacity – with clean energy and deploy that power wherever it is needed.” 

Jay Bellows, CEO of NOMAD, said transportable utility-scale storage is a game changer. “Our products are mobile, so they can deliver power in a range of applications and speed that stationary energy storage systems can’t match. Our team identified a need in the market, and using American innovation and New England ingenuity, we’ve been able to deliver a product that will bring benefits across the nation,” he said.